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Born in Turin in 1968, she lives and works in Turin. Began his professional career in the world of publicity.

Thanks to the friendship of famous artists learn to draw and paint with their help and through their supervision.

A day begins to realize she wants to paint and leave the world a message of beauty of harmony and peace the message is:

Breathing to be alive

For women, men, children all over the world and for all those who are yet to be born.


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The inspiration for my work comes from the color of the Caribbean Sea and close observation of nature Inspired also to Africa, I analyze the animal life of the continent the world's oldest. The knowledge that something bigger is at the base of the world, here comes the need to explore and probe this energy Elephant, rhino, bonefish, marlin, shark, dolphin, tiger, hippopotamus their bodies reflect the energy of colors Welcome to the wonderful world of colors.

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  • 10123 Turin, ITALY
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